Plastic Jerry Cans

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  • 1L Jerry Can (331JC1LNSNGL)

    1L Natural Jerry Can

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  • 1L Jerry Can (331JC1LWSNGL)

    1L White Jerry Can

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  • 2L Jerry Can (331JC2LNSNGL)

    2L Natural Jerry Can

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  • 2L Jerry Can (331JC2LWSNGL)

    2L White Jerry Can

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  • 4L Jerry Can (331JC4LNSNGL)

    4L Natural Jerry Can

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  • 4L Jerry Can (331JC4LWSNGL)

    4L White Jerry Can

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  • 5L Jerry Can (331JC5LNSNGL)

    5L Natural Jerry Can

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  • 5L Jerry Can (331JC5LWSNGL)

    5L White Jerry Can

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  • 20L Plastic  Drum (331JCD2001NAT)

    20L Plastic Drum

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Showing all 9 results

Jerry Cans

Whether you are someone who drives for a living, work on a construction site or use farming or land-moving equipment that requires ready and mobile sources of fuel, there is a good chance you’ll know the value of good quality jerry cans. For many, they have been the difference between a long wait for a recovery vehicle and a short walk to get a vehicle started again. For others, they are invaluable when it comes to keeping agricultural machinery working. Read More

Here at Richmond NZ, we have a great selection of jerry cans for sale. We’ve worked with a wide array of industries, including farms, building companies and haulage, and know the requirements they often have for their fuel containers. We know that they need rugged and ready containers that will bear up under sometimes difficult conditions and offer ease of use so that fuel isn’t leaking. Most of all, we understand that our customers look for containers that are built with safety in mind.

Plastic Jerry Cans: Quality Materials and Durable Designs

With over sixty years of experience in a variety of industry, we have a keen eye for good materials. During that time, we’ve built up a reputation for durability and versatility, so much so that many of our products, including our plastic jerry cans, have become industry standards that can be found all across the country.

These cans are built from strong, moulded plastic that admits no leaks but is flexible enough to be stored easily. They are made with high-density polyethylene, known for its durability that is also hygienically treated so it can be used in food production and storage as well. We know that everyone has slightly different needs when it comes to capacity, as well, so you’ll see that we offer a wide range of volumes. Products in this category include:

White/Natural Jerry Can

These are simple but effective designs. Seamlessly moulded to ensure there are no leaks, they feature a secure red cap that can be sealed tightly to keep fluids locked in. We offer them in a range of different sizes, from 1L to 5L, all of which have a sturdy, unyielding handle for easy carriage. They can also be sold with funnels for safe use when pouring and come in both white and a naturally occurring off-white which has white caps instead.

White/Natural Plastic Drum

This is the largest of the products that we class as a jerry can online. It is made from an exceptionally strong food-grade polyethylene, and a hard, wide-diameter cap for ease of use. It can also be used with custom-fitting funnels for more access but may require a little more physical effort to move that our smaller offerings as it can contain up to 20 Litres of liquid!

Jerry Cans For Sale: How Can We Help?

As one of the most reputable storage and industrial equipment providers in New Zealand, we understand that every client has slightly different requirements. That’s why we’d love it if you get in touch if you can’t see what you need straight away. We can take you through some of the products we offer and let you know how they work best or even whether something else might be right for your business.

Other products we supply consist of pallet bins, bread crates, wheelie bins and more.

Once you’ve found the right jerry cans online, the process is incredibly simple. Just click to add the item and a cart will automatically be made for you. You can then fill in all the details need to calculate your shipping costs (be sure to add your discount codes if you have them!) and follow our checkout process. Our shipping is super quick so your jerry cans NZ can be with you in a matter of days!

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