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Product Name : 125mm WheelDIAMETER(mm): 125mmTYRE WIDTH(mm): 50BOSS WIDTH(mm): 63AXLE DIAMETER: 3/4 inch (19.05mm)BEARING TYPE: Ball BearingLOAD CAPACITY(kg): 350/300WHEEL CODE: PU5509-75 The PU5509-75 manufactured by Richmond Wheel and Castor Co. is

Product Name : 125mm Wheel DIAMETER(mm): 125mm TYRE WIDTH(mm): 50 BOSS WIDTH(mm): 63 AXLE DIAMETER: 1/2 inch (12.7mm) BEARING TYPE: Ball Bearing LOAD CAPACITY(kg): 350/300 WHEEL CODE: PU5509-50 The PU5509-50 by Richmond Whee

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