Crane Bogies

Cranes are designed to lift heavy loads and often to great heights. Consequently, many cranes are extremely heavy, and those that run along rails can cause damage to the rails and the wheels.

The Important Role of the Crane Bogie

crane bogie, otherwise known as a truck, chassis or frameset, is a fabricated steel assembly that often has multiple wheels, typically four or eight, and distributes a single load position over those wheel positions. It is often a requirement for a high load application so that individual wheel loadings are reduced, thus preventing damage to wheels, rails or the concrete foundations beneath the rails.

The Need for High Quality Crane Bogies

For any crane, especially one of significant weight, the crane bogie is a crucial element of its construction. Cranes are often required to lift very heavy weights and so the bogie needs to be able to carry that load and ensure the movement of all loads is carried out in an efficient manner.

A correctly designed and manufactured bogie must:

  • spread the load uniformly over the wheels and so reduce the stress on the whole structure and the wheels
  • be stable and robust in use to ensure reliability and a long working life
  • be able to operate on rails that are not perfectly aligned in order to prevent cracks in the crane or the tracks that will cause downtime and lost productivity
  • be correctly balanced so that all wheels maintain contact with the track at all times.

Crane Bogies Helping You Get the Job Done

At Richmond Wheel & Castor Company, we’ve been helping businesses to move and handle goods for over sixty years. In that time, we’ve built up a level of knowledge and expertise that enables us to do this in the best way possible. That applies to crane bogies, which we supply to a wide variety of businesses that include transport, warehousing and heavy industries.

We aren’t a supplier of other companies’ products but instead design and manufacture everything we sell. That means you don’t have to buy an off-the-shelf product but can obtain a crane bogie that’s custom made for your own individual application.

We value our reputation as a high quality and adaptable supplier and so each bogie:

  • can have wheels of varying diameters to suit particular cranes and which are easily removed for maintenance
  • is fabricated from rectangular hollow sections that have anti-drop and derailment plates
  • uses the best quality components and undergoes extensive quality checks at every stage of the build process
  • complies with all legal standards and meets all health and safety regulations
  • incorporates innovative features that result from ongoing research and development.

Whatever industry you operate in and whatever type of cranes you use, we can supply highly efficient bogies that will help to prolong their operational life and ensure they work effectively for extended periods. We have a solution for every application and can offer expert advice and custom engineering to make sure you get the very best quality products.

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