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Australia’s own nylon wheel manufacturers

For over 60 years, Richmond Wheel & Castor Co has been making high quality wheels, tyres, and castor products right here in Australia. After all this time, even with a global marketplace, we are still a 100% Australian owned company.

The high quality and reasonable cost of our products combine to provide you with the best value on wheels and castors in Australia.

Advantages of nylon caster wheels

There are many different choices when you’re selecting castor wheels to use for your project, and it’s not necessarily the case that any one type is always better than the others, but that some types are better suited to certain applications and environments.

When you’re making a cart or trolley primarily for indoor use on surfaces that are smooth and flat, nylon will normally be the best choice. Here are some reasons:

  • Lower cost. Quite simply, the supply chain for nylon is much shorter than the supply chain for rubber, resulting in a lower cost product.
  • Tough and durable. The nylon used for making caster wheels is very hard, and will take a long time to wear out.
  • Smooth rolling. Again, due to their hardness, they glide more easily over surfaces such as tile and polished hardwood.
  • Better able to withstand temperature extremes and variations. As a natural product, rubber is likely to degrade faster when subjected to extremes of either heat or cold, and is more likely to be affected by humidity. Nylon is 100% synthetic, so it copes much better in a wider range of conditions.

There are times when nylon won’t be the best choice, however. You should choose an alternative material such as rubber if:

  • The product of your project will be used mainly outdoors. Heavy duty rubber wheels provides much better traction on a wider range of surface types.
  • Your product needs to support immense loads. Generally, nylon wheels have a smaller diameter than rubber wheels and can support loads up to 500kg. Beyond that, you’ll most likely need rubber, as the better flexibility of rubber will allow it to distribute the downward forces more easily.
  • For carpeted environments. The softer and thicker the carpet is, the more a nylon wheel is likely to struggle to get across it. The smaller tyre width makes a nylon wheel more likely to sink into soft surfaces.
  • If you need to negotiate steps or large bumps. The “give” in rubber tyres makes them better at dealing with obstacles. Rubber tyres also support much larger diameters, making it easier to cope with large steps.
  • On sloping floors. Nylon wheels are smoother and harder than other wheels, so they roll easily. That’s normally an advantage, but not when there is a slope in the floor, when you’ll want more traction.
  • On ships. The pitching and rolling motion of a ship at sea creates an “artificial slope”, giving the same problem as described above.

Solid nylon wheels provide a balance of economy and performance

The main reason many businesses prefer to choose nylon wheels is that these wheels are very dependable. They will last a long time when used correctly, and for the majority of indoor environments, they will also give smoother rolling.

The difference in price between rubber and nylon is significant enough to warrant attention when buying in bulk. The large business will benefit best from an appropriate mix of both types, with nylon wheels used for indoor application and rubber wheels used for outdoor application.

When you want to keep the cost low, choosing a nylon wheel is the best way to do it, but do keep in mind that getting the best value isn’t always about getting the lowest cost. You also need to consider how the wheels are going to be used before making a firm decision.

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