Richmond can manufacture bogey roller transition solutions with multi-roller designs and polyurethane hardness ranging from 50A to 75D. Custom built bogey frames and rollers can also be designed and manufactured to client specifications and requirements. Richmond can provide solutions for projects large or small and have been providing infrastructure solutions to the Australian Pipeline industry decades.

The Richmond team designed some clever ‘swivel quad roller bogies’ for this project, allowing for massive loads to be carried while protecting the structural integrity of the pipeline during construction and deployment of the structure.

The volume of rollers and bogies required for this project was extensive, with a large capacity for manufacturing at our Melbourne manufacturing facility, Richmond was able to manufacture these roller bogey assemblies quickly and precisely according to design requirements from the client. Successful launch of the pipeline was achieved with zero impact on the structure during the construction process. The polyurethane tyred cast iron wheels and swivelling bogey assemblies proved to be an unbeatable asset in the commissioning of this pipeline while keeping within time frame and budget.

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