Galvanised Spring Pallet Leveller (PLR003)

Why choose this Spring Actuated Pallet Leveller?

  • Galvanised construction
  • Unbelievably tough with zero power requirements
  • Includes forklift access points for easy positioning and transport
  • Includes shock, absorbing stainless steel scissor lift
  • Automatically maintains loads at an optimum working height when loading or unloading goods
  • Dramatically reduce the effort required to palletise goods
  • Built-in turntable allows for simple load rotation and access to all sides
  • 1800kg maximum load capacity can accommodate a wide range of products
  • Outstanding solution for busy warehouse environments
  • Ergonomically designed by our in-house engineers



  • Available in: Steel or Galvanised Steel
  • Load Capacity: 1800kg
  • Basement Size: 920mm x 930mm
  • Platform Diameter: 1110mm
  • Max Height: 705mm
  • Min Height: 245mm
  • Fork Access Dimensions: 95 x 300mm