3m Bolt Down Sliding Gate Track – V Groove – Galvanised (GTR280)

Product Name: 3m Bolt Down Sliding Gate Track – V Groove – Galvanised

L: 58mm
L1: 300mm
H: 15mm
S: 3mm
A*B: 11*6mm
Weight (kg): 1.593

Fasteners Required: 24

Fastener options:

The GTR280 can be mounted using Anchor Bolts or Drive Anchor Pins to secure it to the ground. Below is a list of fasteners that Richmond can supply for mounting your sliding gate track.

Anchor Bolts for mounting gate track

  • ABLM6ZPK8 M6 x 45mm Expanding Hex Head Anchor Bolt – 8 Pack
  • GTR174 M6.5 x 35mm long Anchor Bolt
  • GTR175 M6.5 x 55mm long Anchor Bolt

Drive Anchor Pins for mounting gate track

  • NIA380ZPK8 Pack of 8 Nail-In Mushroom Anchor Pins
  • GTR176 M6.5 x 32mm long Drive Anchor Pin
  • GTR177 M6.5 x 50mm long Drive Anchor Pin

Richmond can also supply a 6.5mm Drill Bit (GTR178) to drill the holes for the Drive Anchor Pins and Anchor Bolts to be placed in the ground.

Galvanised sliding gate track to suit the track wheels above. There are many benefits to using bolt down track instead of the concrete in alternative. Besides the ease of installation on existing concrete driveways, it is a simple process to replace a section of the track if damage was to occur in future.
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