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Showing 1–12 of 74 results

Production Line Wheels & Castors

This range has been designed and manufactured with heavy duty applications in mind. Some models in this range are suitable for low-speed, medium-weight towing up to 6kph, making them the ideal choice for automotive manufacturing, steel manufacturing and other rapid production lines in need of durable castors. If you are looking for tough, hard-wearing wheels for your factory or production warehouse, look no further than the 500 series. As the name implies, this range can carry loads of up to 500kg per castor.

Wheel Types in the 500 Series

Choose from a wide range of hard-wearing, heavy duty wheel types. In this range you’ll find:

  • cast iron wheels
  • cushion rubber wheels
  • nylon wheels
  • polyurethane tyred nylon centred wheels
  • polyurethane tyred aluminium centred wheels
  • polyurethane tyred cast iron centred wheels
  • rebound rubber wheels
  • rubber wheels
  • rubber tyred cast iron wheels.

Talk to a Castor Specialist Today

Need some assistance? We have thousands of castor choices, and our team are rolling solutions experts. You can visit one of our many showrooms in Melbourne, North Melbourne, Sydney, South Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Brisbane or Gold Coast. You can also give us a toll-free call, or complete a custom quote request. Whatever you need, we’re here to help. With over 300 years of collective staff expertise, we know all there is to know about wheels and castors.

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