Plastic Fuel Cans

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  • 10L Red Fuel Can (331JCFL10LR)

    Red Fuel Can (331JCFL10LR) (10L)

    $29.90 inc GST
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  • 20L Red Fuel Can (331JCFL20LR)

    Red Fuel Can (331JCFL20LR) (20L)

    $53.02 inc GST
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  • 5L Red Fuel Can (331JCFL5LR)

    Red Fuel Can (331JCFL5LR) (5L)

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  • 20L Yellow Fuel Can (331JCFL20LY)

    Yellow Fuel Can (331JCFL20LY) (20L)

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Showing all 4 results

Richmond carries a range of portable fuel containers or fuel cans used to store and transport fuel in cars, trucks and on trailers.

Using a plastic fuel can or container is a safer choice then metal containers as metal cans can rust or tear over time, causing spillage and leakage. Plastic fuel cans cannot rust.


Now you know the advantages of plastic storage containers for fuel, you might be interested in buying them for safe storage. At Richmond NZ, we provide high-end quality fuel cans to store your fuels, including 20L fuel cans 10L fuel cans, 5L fuel cans, yellow for diesel and red fuel cans for petrol. Take a look at the plastic fuel cans displayed on our website to find the best fuel can for your needs. Read More

Fuel Cans

Transporting hazardous or volatile materials require dependable equipment, especially if those materials are ones we use every day, like petrol. Here at Richmond, we’re pleased to offer some safe, reliable fuel cans and petrol container so, whatever your need, you can transport whatever fuel, chemical or volatile liquid without worrying about potential issues.

For over sixty years, we’ve been providing storage equipment to a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, agriculture and automotive engineering, all of which rely, in part, on fuel containers. As a result, we’ve built an excellent reputation for quality, handleability and dependability in all our products.

Petrol Cans That Are Dependable and Safe

There are several reasons you might be looking for petrol cans or fuel cans online. For many, it is always a useful thing to have in the back of the truck or car and can mean the difference between an inconvenience and a catastrophe when a vehicle breaks down. For others, a fuel can is an important part of their jobs, especially if they work on a farm or with equipment that can’t be filled conventionally.

All of this means that most users will be looking for fuel cans for sale that are made of robust materials developed for corrosive liquids and potentially noxious vapours like those that come from petrol. They might also be required to transport specific liquids that cannot be mixed with anything else and have bright, clear colours and signage so people know the safety protocols in using them. They’ll also be looking for seamless moulds to ensure there are no leaks and a variety of sizes to accommodate different needs.

Our main items in this range include:

Red Fuel Cans

This range of fuel cans is made with high-quality, easily moulded plastic. Unlike metal petrol cans, these do not rust or dilapidate over time and can contain flammable liquids without leakage. They are embossed with safety messages and advice for safe usage and have a bright yellow nozzle for easy and secure pouring. They are lightweight, too and easy to transport.

They come with a range of size options: Measurements: 5L, 10L and 20L

Yellow Diesel Can

Though it can be incredibly useful for certain elements of engineering, diesel is not a liquid that gets along well with others. Mixed with petrol it can be dangerous and ruin an engine and mixed with alcohol-based products it is likely to ignite and cause an explosion. That is why we design and sell our diesel cans separately. This can is only available in bright yellow and with a large warning sign to make sure no one gets it mixed up with your other cans. Capacity: 20L

Fuel Containers: Buy Your Diesel or Petrol Container Today!

We’re always pleased to help out our clients, whether you’ve shopped with us before or are new to our brand. That’s why we’ve made it as easy as possible to get in touch with us. If you can’t see the right container for you, then please either give us a call or take advantage of our dedicated online messaging service. You can email us as well, if you’ve got a complex query, or even drop into our showroom if you are in the area!

Other products that might be useful to you: jerry cans, plastic buckets, vented megabin and more.

Otherwise, if you know the item you want, whether it is a fuel can or a jerry cans in NZ, simply add the item to your cart and fill in a few address details to get your shipping cost calculated, then choose how you want to pay, and we’ll send you fuel can right out to you!

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