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  • White Plastic Pail (BPR002WHT) (1L)

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  • 2L Pail (BPR005)

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  • 5L Pail (BPR004)

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  • 10L Pail (BPR006)

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  • 15L Pail (BPR008)

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  • Lid to Suit 5L Pail (BPR003)

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  • Lid to Suit 10L Pail (BPR005)

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  • Lid to Suit 15L Pail (BPR007)

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  • 20L White Plastic Pail (BPR009WHT)

    White Plastic Pail (BPR009WHT) (20L)

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  • Green Heavy Duty Bucket (13L)

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  • Black Heavy Duty Bucket (13L)

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  • Blue Heavy Duty Bucket (13L)

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  • Green square Bucket (12L)

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  • 15L Square Plastic Pail (332SQP1501NAT)

    Square Spacemaster Plastic Pail (332CPSPMS15LWHT) (15L)

    $22.89 inc GST
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  • 1L Jerry Can (331JC1LNSNGL)

    1L Natural Jerry Can

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  • 1L Jerry Can (331JC1LWSNGL)

    1L White Jerry Can

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Showing 1–16 of 32 results

Plastic Barrels for Sale

Having worked with a wide range of industries on their storage solutions, we here at Richmond NZ know how important it is for dependable and unbreachable storage, especially when it comes to liquids. Industries from carbonated drink manufacturers to breweries and chemical engineers rely on high-grade storage in order for their businesses to work as they should. At the very least, liquid storage should not leak and at best it should keep it air-tight and unbreachable for as long as storage is needed.

It is with such a need for dependability in mind that we’re proud to present products in our plastic drum range. Over the years we’ve been in business, we’ve provided these products to a variety of companies from across a multitude of industries. So, whether it is simple storage for water, beer, paint or corrosive or dangerous chemicals such as petrol or diesel, we have got just the right plastic drum for sale that will help you store your products. Read More

Plastic Drums for Sale: Variety of Capacities

One aspect that we’ve considered when designing our products is that many producers, manufacturers or handlers of liquids sometimes require quite large containers for their chemicals, drinks or solutions. That means that not only have we worked hard to provide a selection of different sizes for different capacities. In turn, this also means that, in each case, we’ve had to think carefully about how these products are handled as well.

Arguably more so than solid products, liquids can be tricky to handle, transport and store. Any breach of storage is liable to have wide-reaching consequences for the business. It’s imperative, then, that when you pick your plastic barrels or other liquid containers you are looking for something that is made with tough, dependable materials.

Other products we supply include but are not exclusive to: laundry trolleys, fuel cans and jerry cans.

Many of our products that fall under this category are made from high-density plastics drums which makes them ideally placed for a whole range of industrial applications. Products include:

20 Litre Plastic Drum

This is one of the largest liquid storage units we currently hold, and it has proven to be immensely popular in industrial settings. Whether it is detergents, automotive oil, or industrial cleaning chemicals you need to store, you’ll find this does the job dependably and securely. It can also be provided with an attachable funnel for ease of use.
Volume: 20L (there are similar products in this range which go from 1L.

Material: Food Grade Polyethylene

Square Spacemaster Plastic Pail 20L

These plastic pails are a great space-saving product for when you need to store liquids efficiently without compromising the contents. They come with a useful handle attached so that they can be moved with ease and proved especially popular with food processing and industrial warehouses.
Measurements: 275mm (L) x 275mm (W) x 370mm (H) Volume: 20L

White Plastic Pail 20L

Similar to the Spacemaster, this pail uses the same food-grade plastic and features a tamper-evident sealed lid so you can be sure the contents remain fresh. These pails are also commonly used in agricultural, catering and industrial settings.
Measurements: 394mm (Height), 310mm (Top Diameter) 253mm (Base Diameter)
Volume: 20L

Plastic Barrels: Make Your Purchase Today!

For many of our clients, these products have been the perfect solution to their liquid storage needs. They work just as well in catering as they do in car manufactures, so whatever your business, you can be sure they’ll fulfil your requirements for years to come.

When you are ready to make your purchase, fill in a few simple details on our account page and add your plastic barrel, drum or pail to your cart and we’ll get your storage solution right out to you!
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