WheelMaker Projects

Custom Turning Roller Products

As well as being wheel making experts, Richmond Engineering specialises in complete design and supply of tractional gear motor drive systems. From small solutions to super heavy duty drive systems, we can custom build a tractional rotational system to suit your requirements. From temporary systems for pipe joining to permanent 24hr rotational drive systems, we […]

Evaporation Pond Covers Drive and Support System

The project scope included design and supply of a traction drive system to drive a 30 ton fabric structure forwards and backwards on a track to cover or expose an evaporation pond based on seasonal rain conditions. The scope also included design and supply of heavy duty double flange wheels for load carrying support of […]

Traction Drive Systems

Complete design and supply of load bearing and critical structural beam fabrication for a 50ton, 40m long construction platform used for road widening works in Melbourne Australia. Works included complete design and build of 2 x 10 ton capacity 55 ton tractional drive capacity (up 1.5 deg incline) girder trolleys. All work including precision module […]

AS Clear Pipe Transfer Conveyor System

Complete linear pipeline conveyor system for efficient transfer of 100mm up to 1000mm pipes from sandblasting to painting facilities. This project eliminated all crane handling of pipes between facilities and increased productivity. 6 x idler roller and 6 x gear motor driven assemblies were used to facilitate pipe transfer. Services included complete design, integration into […]

Camden Signs Bellerive Oval Sight Screen

Complete plug and play traction drive and support solution for 2 x removable cricket ground sight screen system in Hobart Australia with electronic display screens. All support and traction drive system designed and built by Richmond Engineering in-house (shown in green) with fabrication (shown in yellow) completed separately. Services included design collaboration and integration of support […]

Raymond Island Ferry Chain Drive Wheel

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Everington Rotating House

Check out our video to see the rotating house – made possible thanks to Richmond. We also supplied castors for a rotating house in Canberra, with further photos    

Victorian government – Regional Rail Link Victoria

We were subcontracted by the Baulderstone Leighton Joint Venture to supply adjustable pipe rollers for the positioning and installation of Dual 660 mm water main pipes, as part of a landmark infrastructure project in western Melbourne. “Richmond Wheel & Castors was selected for the job because of its novel design solution which included chains, wire […]

NuStar Technologies – major drill ship operation in Japan

We supplied two kinds of rollers, weighing in at 714kg and 231kg each, and created a new company record for the largest single polyurethane casting – over 450kg. The Japanese vessel set a world record in 2012 for the deepest drilling below the sea floor – deeper than 2,111m. “We knew Richmond through previous trade […]

Chevron-Operated Gorgon gas project

The Chevron-operated Gorgon project is one of the world’s largest natural gas projects, and the largest single resource development in Australia’s history. Our project required development of a stackable rollers system and massive 1066.8mm rollers to accommodate concrete pipe – vital to the overall success of the project. This includes a 10,000kg pipe rolling solution.