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Laundry Trolley

A hotel or restaurant’s reputation can be made or broken on their attentiveness when it comes to cleanliness. But any good hospitality business owner can tell you that maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and pristine cleanliness is not a straightforward task. It requires attention to detail, constant vigilance and, above all, equipment that is not only hygienic but also effective when it comes to streamlining the little jobs that can take up valuable time.
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It’s with these concerns in mind that we offer our laundry trolleys. As a business that has worked with the hospitality industry for many decades, we know that laundry is one of the most time-consuming aspects of the job. Whether it is tablecloths, aprons, uniforms, towels or bedsheets, the job of folding and transporting industrial quantities of laundry isn’t as simple as it might first appear. In addition, for those who do room service, you’ll also want an all-in-one solution that can help you move unwieldy items around with ease.

Perfect Washing Trolleys to a Good Hospitality Service

Those in the hospitality industry know that cleaning equipment and laundry trolleys in NZ needs to be durable, efficient and both at once compact and with enough capacity to bear bulky loads for transportation. They should have plenty of features to help workers clean quickly and smooth-rolling casters that won’t mark or make dents in carpets and surfaces.

With such requirements in mind, we’ve developed laundry carts and washing trolleysthat harness both capacity and usability to help you bring your business the efficiency you need to build a premium cleaning and laundry service. Among our laundry trolleys for sale, you’ll find:

X-Frame Laundry Trolley

This is our best-selling item that falls under our category of laundry trolleys online. They feature a deep bag capable of packing in countless sheets, pillowcases and towels, a robust 25mm thick tube frame and non-marking, swivel castors that should ease transit from the elevator to room, regardless of the load.

Measurements: 770mm (W) x 550mm (L) x 980 (H)

Laundry Cleaning Cart Online

This cleaning cart is perfect for transportation for those who need to transport heavy garments, sheets or wet materials. It makes use of a heavy-duty plastic frame that can be folded up for storage and has a lower shelf for support. It moves along on non-marking 75mm castors, making it easy to use and move even the heaviest materials.

Measurements: 710mm (W) x 660mm (L) x 950mm (H)

For those in hospitality, you might also be interested in this:

Housekeeping Cleaning Cart

This is the perfect all-in-one solution for those looking for room cleaning equipment as well as laundry trolleys online. Built from high-density plastic, it features adjustable shelves, ‘push’ handles and vinyl bags, along with provision for stowing a vacuum.

Measurements: 1500mm (L) x 540mm (W) x 980mm (H)

Laundry Trolley on Wheels: Make an Account Now and Order Today!

There are many examples of laundry trolley on wheels and hospitality equipment in our product range, so take this opportunity to see what else you might have use of on our website. If there is anything you are after that you can’t see, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to find a solution you’ll be pleased with

We provide a series of different products including: plastic bins, fuel cans, jerry cans and more.

If you are ready to order our laundry trolley for sale, just enter a few details on our account page and add the item to your cart, then we’ll get working on packing it up and getting it out to you in a matter of days!
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