500kg Narrow 6 Wheel Stock Platform Trolley Twin Handle | PGR400

$785.11 inc GST

Richmond Wheel and Castor Co, introduces its new range of platform trolleys, featuring an innovative 6 wheel design that has 200mm fixed centre castors and 125mm swivel outer castors. The centre castors allow the trolley to make a full 360 degree movement and keep contact on the ground at all times, whilst the outer castors allow for slight rocking of the trolley for greater manoeuvrability. Perfect application of use for warehouses, produce markets, busy stores etc.

Made from quality galvanised steel, its heavy duty structure allows a load capacity of up to 500kg and comes in single and twin platform configurations. The platform is also situated at an optimal working height to reduce back strain (on double platform trolleys only).

Trolley Weight: 34kg

Platform Size: 1140mm x 460mm

Platform Height: 260mm

Handle Height: 950mm

Outer Wheel Size: 125mm rebound rubber

Centre Wheel Size: 200mm rubber tyred nylon centred

Safe working load: 500kg

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