Steel Tray Wheelbarrow with Wide Puncture Proof Steel Wheel (WBR205)

Volume: 100L

Tray Type: Steel

Tyre Size: 16×6.50-8

Wheel Rim: Steel

Wheel Code: PF1659

Wheel Type: Puncture Proof

Colour: Yellow

Load: 200kg

Richmond Wheel and Castor Co have a wheelbarrow to suit every application, the essential tool to have around your home or workplace. We have a wheelbarrow for every need for builders, bricklayers, renderers, landscapers, gardeners or home handyman. The selection is based on your specific needs, whether it’s a plastic tray or steel, pneumatic or puncture proof wheel, or a wooden handle. A plastic tray wheelbarrow is corrosion resistant and is the ideal choice for carrying mulch, mud and sand. A steel tray is perfect for carrying more abrasive loads such as bricks, concrete, pavers, tiles, rocks and cement as its more resilient to damage. Richmond also has heavy duty wheelbarrows that are designed to be tougher and are manufactured using a thicker steel tray, reinforced nose and heavy gauge handles.