Blue Mini Stacka Crate (10L)

Material: Polypropylene Copolymer

Colour: Blue

Height: 130mm

Diameter: 400mm x 300mm

Capacity: 10 litres

Quantity per box: 10

Richmond is an industry leader for a wide range of storage items made out of plastic. We use the best materials in the industry and follow the best practices to ensure we provide the highest quality goods for sale on the market. This is one of the biggest reasons why our plastic boxes in New Zealand have a longer life compared to other brands on the markets. You can take advantage of our selection of products which we offer through our website, including small plastic boxes, large plastic storage boxes, plastic storage dividers, and plastic storage boxes with lids.

Designed to be strong and durable, these crates measure 400mm x 300mm. They’re virtually indestructible which is why they’re popular among our buyers. If you pick one up, you’ll feel right away how strong it is.

Available in black or blue colours.

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