Yellow Fuel Can (331JCFL20LY) (20L)

$83.50 inc GST

Capacity: 20L

Portable fuel containers or fuel cans are increasingly in more demand nowadays, especially those made from high quality plastic materials. These plastic diesel or petrol containers provide two main benefits, which add to their popularity. First of all, the raw material used to make the containers or cans is plastic, making it easy to be molded to take any shape or form. This in turn makes them an easier item to store in your car trunk, cupboard or anywhere else for that matter. Secondly, using plastic diesel can or petrol can, reduces the likelihood of an explosion or a fire to a large extent. Metal cans can rust or tear causing spillage and leakage that may lead to a fatal mishap. A Plastic fuel can simply bends, flattens, melts or decomposes whilst the fuel safely flows out of them. This greatly reduces the risk of an explosion or harm to yourself or workers.

With this knowledge of the advantages of plastic storage containers, you might want to buy them for your safety and ease of storage. At Richmond we provide high-end quality cans to store your fuels. Take a look at our products displayed on our website and choose the ones you like.

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