118mm Bottom Mount Gate Track Wheel (GTR002)

$53.12 inc GST


Wheel width (A): 30mm

Bottom Gate Height (B): 127mm

Track Profile Diameter (C): 20.5mm

Wheel Outer Diameter (D): 118mm

Overall Width (E): 42mm

Between Hole Centers (F): 130mm

Overall Length (G): 158mm

Capacity: 400kg

Wheel Grove Diameter (D1): 100mm


Richmond gate track wheels, used on both automatic sliding gates (electric sliding gates) and manual sliding gates, are precision machined to ensure a smooth and consistent rolling action on the gate track. For the gate track to suit, see GTR010. Richmond gate track wheels are zinc plated to protect from rust. The double bearing design of our gate track wheels ensures a longer life and increases load capacity. The frame of these bottom mount gate track wheels is design to be bolted flat to the bottom of the gate. For a recessed, low profile design see our recessed gate track wheels