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What are high and low temperature wheels used for?

In applications where wheels will be exposed to extreme temperatures, it is important that you are using a wheel that will not warp, melt, burn, snap or become damaged with use. Our customers use Richmond’s range of heat and freezer resistant wheels within a number of industries where this element is important. Here you’ll find a range of wheels that can withstand temperatures from -30°C to +350°C, with peaks of up to 400°C.

Food Manufacturing Wheels

Aluminium wheels, glass-filled nylon wheels, and high temp polymer wheels are frequently used in environments where food and beverages are manufactured. In these industries, you will find Richmond’s heat resistant wheels on the bottom of bakery oven racking, in smoking ovens where smallgoods are produced, in drying ovens creating items such as dried fruit, steamers, cool rooms, chillers and other environments which are exposed to extreme temperatures. We can provide our wheels in castor frames, which can be attached to equipment and racking, lubricating with high temperature grease – and for the food production industry, we can also provide food grade lubricants.

Richmond Wheel & Castor Co’s reputation for supplying bakery oven wheels is outstanding, with many high-profile clients trusting us to keep their business running smoothly under high temperatures.

High Heat & Cold Resistant Wheels for Other Industries

We have customers over many industries who use our high & low temperature wheels for applications where temperatures can fluctuate, and where high pressure may be applied.

  • Pressure testing environments in the aviation industry
  • Autoclaves and steam sterilizers where high heat wheels are required
  • Mortuaries, requiring cold resistant wheels as temperatures dip
  • Crematoriums, requiring high heat wheels
  • Pharmaceutical environments where temperatures fluctuate
  • Paint ovens for curing, baking and stripping
  • Foundries and hardening ovens

Richmond’s High & Low Temperature wheel range can be implemented in any environment subjected to fluctuating and extreme temperatures, with the assurance that your wheel will withstand the extreme conditions it is subjected to.

Which kind of heat resistant wheel do I need?

Richmond’s range of high & low temperature wheels offers a number of wheel materials, diameters/sizes, bearings, and axle sizes to suit your application. And, if one of our standard solutions doesn’t fit your needs, our onsite engineers can design and manufacture a wheel to your exact specifications in our Australian facility.

Aluminium Wheels

Aluminium wheels are a popular choice for bakery ovens and other high-temp applications of up to 400°C. One thing to consider when using aluminium wheels, is that they can hold heat for longer periods of time, and so can potentially mark or burn non-slip or epoxy flooring. Our hardened aluminium wheels can be provided with a DU Teflon bush for preventing noise and friction during dry running applications, and a grade 304 stainless steel grease nipple.

Glass-Filled Nylon Wheels

Glass-Filled Nylon Wheels are a gentle, non-marking high temperature wheel, preventing damage to non-slip or epoxy floors. They are suitable for use up to 200°C in long cycle baking times, and up to 240°C in baking cycles of up to 45 minutes. They can also withstand environments to -30°C . Our glass-filled nylon wheel range can be supplied with a grade 304 stainless steel grease nipple for easy maintenance, and a grade 304 stainless steel reducing sleeve. They are Australian manufactured.

High Temp Polymer Wheels

Our range of High-Temperature Polymer wheels are suited to temperatures between -30°C to 280°C, and are also non-marking, making them an ideal choice for non-slip or epoxy flooring. They are manufactured with a DU Teflon bush for preventing noise and friction during dry running applications.

Cast Iron Wheels

Richmond Cast Iron wheels are hard wearing, and offer a higher load capacity than most other high temperature wheels.  They are ideal for uses where loads will be left standing for extended periods of time, as they have a low rolling resistance. Some factors to consider about cast iron wheels are that they are abrasive, potentially damaging floors, and they can be noisy.

Enquire about High & Low Temperature Wheels

With over 62 years of experience in the industry, Richmond Wheel & Castor Co are your high & low temperature wheel experts. No matter the application and no matter how low or how high the temperature, we can select the correct product for you.  Contact Us by email, or give us a call on 1300 474 246. We deliver nationwide.

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