Improved Efficiency with a Suitable Picking Trolley

Success in business is often based on gaining a competitive advantage over your rivals in order to stand out in the marketplace. A lot of that is due to simply being efficient and that applies to all aspects of materials handling.

Being able to efficiently and quickly pick stock to fulfil customer orders or for use on a production line will add to your company’s productivity and profitability as well as help to satisfy your customers’ needs. This whole process is made much smoother and easier by using our stock picking trolleys to get the items you need.

Why our Stock Picking Trolleys are the Best

Using a high-quality stock and order picking trolley will make picking much quicker and easier because our trolleys:

  • are easily manoeuvred even in places where space is limited, such as along narrow warehouse aisles and between racks of products. This is due to the trolleys’ lightweight construction and the fitting of our proven wheels and castors that enable the trolleys to move easily and smoothly over any surface.
  • mean that operatives can avoid unnecessary lifting of heavy items and so can work effectively for longer due to reduced tiredness.
  • are capable of carrying heavy and bulky loads, a collection of small items or a mixture due to the different configurations of trolleys available.

We have a wide variety of trolleys available including those with a specific number of shelves, that have mesh sides to contain the content or can carry tubs or bins of different sizes to hold various items like flatbed trolleys, beach carts, garden trolleys, and many more. They’re also available with different types and sizes of wheels to suit varying terrain and are constructed in various materials, including stainless steel that’s suitable for carrying food products and for working in wet areas.

A common feature of all our trolleys is that they’re properly constructed from the highest quality materials and are extremely durable so they’re able to withstand the knocks and scrapes that commonly occur in warehouse environments. They’re also easy to keep clean and require little or no maintenance so they’ll be regularly available and are very dependable.

Multiple Uses for Picking Trolleys

The versatility and adaptability of our stock picking trolleys mean they’re often used for much more than just picking stock. They’re frequently used in offices to distribute internal and external mail, in hospitals to administer medication and in canteens to collect used cutlery and crockery. Depending on their configuration, you can use Richmond Wheel and Castor Co’s trolleys for any purpose that seems suitable.

If you want to make your company work better, including becoming involved in lean manufacturing methods that increase efficiency and reduce waste, then our picking trolleys will certainly help. Just have a look through our order picker and stock picker pages to see what we have available, including the tubs and bins that you can purchase separately for suitable trolleys.

If you need any help in obtaining the most suitable trolleys and accessories, just get in touch and we’ll be delighted to provide any assistance we can. Otherwise, you can order online and we’ll despatch your order promptly.
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