Pram Handle Trolleys for Better Single-Handed Control

The main advantage of pram handled trolleys is that they allow you greater control over the trolley when steering with one hand. Most other hand trolleys will have a handle made of two parts, which you need to grip with both hands at once. That’s where the pram handle range is different – simply grab on to the top of the handle and steer the trolley as you need. If you’ve often got one hand full with something else, the pram handle trolley is going to be your best choice.

These pram handle trolleys have a thicker reinforced axle, high quality welds for rigidity, heavier gauged steel wall tubing, and a choice of either pneumatic or puncture proof wheels. Like all Richmond trolleys, they have been designed with strength and durability in mind. You can browse our absolutely massive range of hand trucks and trolleys, or contact us to design and manufacture something custom for you. No matter what you want to move, we can make it happen. Here at Richmond Rolling Solutions, we have showrooms right across Australia and New Zealand, and we love nothing more than helping our customers in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin and Adelaide choose the rolling or storage solution that is right for them. Contact us today.

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