Small, Easy to Use Folding Trolleys

Light as a feather, and ready to fold flat in seconds! These trolleys have been designed with true versatility in mind. Store these lightweight folding hand trolleys in the boot of your car, or in a cupboard at home or the office. They’re that small and simple. Looking for something to keep at home for those times when you might need to move something heavy, like some storage boxes? This trolley range is right up your alley. Simply lift the handle, and the platform will lower, with the wheels locking into the position. Easy! These trolleys are also suitable for use in a range of commercial businesses and settings, like in retail, medical, hospitality, logistics and couriering. Because they are so simple to fold and store, they are an Aussie favourite, seen in the back of delivery trucks, in storage rooms and in warehouses all across the country.

These trolleys can carry loads up to 200kg, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Don’t let their lightweight look and feel fool you, they’re always up to the task! But if you’re after something more robust, you can browse our absolutely massive range of hand trucks and trolleys, or contact us to design and manufacture something custom for you. No matter what you want to move, we can make it happen. Here at Richmond Rolling Solutions, we have showrooms right across Australia and New Zealand, and we love nothing more than helping our customers in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin and Adelaide choose the rolling or storage solution that is right for them. Contact us today.


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