Commander Deadman Brake Trolleys & Pedal Brake Trolleys

Introducing Richmond’s Commander trolley range – stop your trolley securely with the use of the built-in braking system! These sturdy plastic deck platform trolleys effectively stop the load dead in its tracks every time. Never worry about your trolley rolling away again!

These new Braking Platform Trolleys are absolutely packed full of features to ensure you get the best in secure transport:

  • Built in brakes stop the trolleys in their tracks! Two trolley styles are available: Platform trolley with Deadman Brake (PFR043) and Platform Trolley with Foot Operated Brake Pedal (PFR042, PFR044)
  • Folding Platform Trolley. Each Commander Trolley features a folding handle and ergonomic carry handle for easy storage when not in use
  • Slip-resistant plastic platform to keep goods in place
  • Large load capacity – suitable for handling up to 250kgs!
  • Protective corner bumpers on trolley to keep your goods and walls safe
  • Easy rolling elastic rubber wheels

Commander braking system stops the trolley in its tracks. Never worry about your trolley rolling away again! The Commander Trolley range is available in two braking styles:

  • Deadman Brake – The ultimate trolley brake system, the deadman brake keeps the trolley in place until you want it to move and comes standard on our PFR043 platform trolley. To operate the trolley simply press down on the release lever built into the handle and start rolling! When you let go the brakes will activate, stopping the trolley from going anywhere you don’t want it! This system is perfect for frequent start/stop applications such as stock picking in a warehouse or making deliveries.


  • Foot Operated Brake Pedal – This easy to use brake stops the trolley whenever you want with the quick press of a pedal. To stop the platform trolley moving just press down on the foot-operated pedal and the brakes will activate, stopping the trolley in place. When you’re ready to get moving again just press down on the pedal and the brakes will release. The foot pedal brake is standard on our PFR042 and PFR044 Commander Platform Trolleys

Compact Folding Design – take the trolley with you everywhere! Each of our Commander Trolleys features a quick foot-operated folding mechanism for easy storage. Simply press down on the foot pedal and you’re ready to stow the folding trolley away until you need it again. The ideal solution for car boots or any workplace where space is limited, just fold down the trolley and use the ergonomic carry handle to take it away.

Slip Resistant Plastic Deck – the textured black plastic platform of the trolley is designed to keep your items in place during transport. The small rubber bumpers on the platform offer an extra level of protection, ensuring your goods stay in place while you’re on the move!

Rounded Corner bumpers for added protection – Keep your trolley moving and minimise damage to walls and other surfaces thanks to the rubber corner bumpers located on the front of the trolley. These convenient bumpers make sure that in the event of a collision both the trolley and wall come out unscathed, saving on repairs and letting you focus on the task at hand.

Easy rolling elastic rubber wheels – These quiet running, shock absorbing wheels roll over small obstacles with ease! Elastic rubber wheels provide a cushioned ride, keeping your goods moving and providing added protection to shocks during transport. These resilient wheels will keep your trolley moving and provide good resistance to everyday wear and tear.

We also offer a wide range of other wheel types to suit all kinds of applications! You can view our full range of wheels online to find out more or contact our staff for more information

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