Powered Line Shaft Conveyors

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  • Powered Line Shaft Conveyors (CPR004)

    Powered Line Shaft Conveyor 450mm Wide (CPR004)

  • Powered Line Shaft Conveyors (CPR005)

    Powered Line Shaft Conveyors 600mm Wide (CPR005)

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Richmond Line Shaft Powered Conveyor Systems significantly reduce material handling removing difficult and time consuming operations for many types of businesses and industries alike. Powered line shaft conveyor systems hold significant advantages over gravity conveyor systems due to their fast and effective mode of transportation, the ability to alter speeds, develop better workplace practices, smarter more productive assembly, picking, packaging and movement around work stations and from multiple points as continuous movement minimises accumulation. Suited to a wide variety of applications including warehousing flow which is maximized by controlling movement, reducing labor costs and greatly increasing productivity. Richmond can also design and install powered line shaft systems featuring transfer station, bends, merges as well as personnel gates for easy access.