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Showing 1–12 of 15 results

Waste Bin Wheels & Castors Sold in Sets

Waste Bin Castors are one of our most popular products, and it’s not hard to see why. Boasting an ultra heavy-duty cast iron centre, these waste bin wheels are built to withstand even the toughest conditions. Our waste bin castors can accommodate load capacities of up to 500kg per castor (or up to 2000kg per set), and are available with a number of wheel options and configurations for all applications. Made specifically to add mobility to bulk bins and skips, Richmond’s waste bin castors are available individually or in sets, offering a number of different brake and wheel options. Our garbage dumpster castors are used by all leading waste providers because of their reputation for strength and quality – they’re an icon of the industry.

These castors feature a precision machined ball race and a high tensile steel kingpin to help withstand any high impact loads.

SG Iron waste bin wheels offer the highest load capacities of up to 500kg per castor, and have a low rolling resistance (they are easier to push). Spheroidal Graphite Iron (also known as Ductile Iron) is a high grade of iron with ductility.

Polyurethane tyred waste bin wheels offer load capacities of up to 250kg per castor, are non-marking and are a longer lasting option than SG Iron. These polyurethane waste bin castors have a strong cast iron centre.

Black Rubber tyred waste bin wheels are ideal for environments where noise may be an issue, and have shock absorbing qualities. Rubber wheels are less likely to damage surfaces such as concrete. They offer load capacities of up to 225kg per castor. These black rubber waste bin castors have a strong cast iron centre.

When it comes to waste bin castors, Richmond are your number one choice. With over 6 decades of industry experience, we know what we’re talking about. Have a question about our waste bin wheels, or would like a quote? Give our experienced staff a call on 1300474246, or email [email protected]. We also have showrooms around Australia, and they’re open to the public. Come and see our waste bin castors in Melbourne, Sydney (West Sydney and South Sydney), Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Darwin or Adelaide.

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