Low Profile Castors for Server Cabinets & Manufacturing Equipment

At Richmond our Low Height Profile Castors are ideal for maintaining a low overall height and centre of gravity, without compromising on a high-weight capacity. You will find low profile castors on manufacturing equipment, electrical cabinets, business equipment such as photocopiers, and much more. If you are looking to utilise castors with a higher load capacity but cannot afford to raise the height of your equipment or project, low profile castors are the choice for you. With load capacities ranging from 300kgs to 600kgs, these castors are a true heavy duty champion. A hard wearing nylon wheel offers low rolling resistance, minimal maintenance, and maximum strength. We offer a range of mounting options such as plate mount or bolt hole mount, and wheel diameters of 50mm (2 inch), and 75mm (3 inch). Brakes are available for both wheel diameters, in both mounting types.

To learn whether our Low Profile Series would be suitable for your application, contact our staff on 1300 474 246 today.

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