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Showing 1–12 of 46 results

High and Low Temperature Castors for Ovens

This range of castors has been designed for temperature fluctuation and exposure from -30° to +350° with peaks of up to 400°C. Featuring castors from across Richmond’s entire range, these high and low temperature castors are frequently seen in bakery applications, smoke houses and chillers. In applications where wheels will be exposed to extreme temperatures, it is important to use a wheel that will not warp, melt, burn, snap or become damaged with use. That is why we have chosen castors that are heat and freezer resistant to make up this range. You may see these wheels being used to wheel bakery racks and trolleys into commercial ovens, or in smokehouses and in commercial freezers. They are a truly versatile range, with a myriad of uses. These castors are available in swivel and rigid frames, with either baseplates or bolt hole mounts, to suit a variety of equipment. You can also view our range of high and low temperature wheels.

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