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Custom Turning Roller Products

As well as being wheel making experts, Richmond Engineering specialises in complete design and supply of tractional gear motor drive systems. From small solutions to super heavy duty drive systems, we can custom build a tractional rotational system to suit your requirements.

From temporary systems for pipe joining to permanent 24hr rotational drive systems, we can connect the dots ensuring your application has the correct wheels, bearings, gear motor and electrical circuit to suit your requirements. From recycling machinery, heavy pipe cutting and welding machines, to rotary barrel processing equipment, if you need a tractional drive solution we can help.

Below is an example of a custom tractional drive system completed in January 2016. 2x 250ton tractional drive capacity, 75ton load capacity, driven kits were supplied with 2 x idler roller assemblies for the welding together of 5.5m diameter pipes for a large recycling plant. Each drive kit featured direct drive through variable speed drive gear motors operated through a touch screen on the electrical cabinet. Start stop & estop functions supplied on 50m long hand held lead with conduit protection for rotation control by welders operating inside the large pipe.

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