Company Profile

Richmond Wheel and Castor Co is a family owned business and for 65 years we have been designing, manufacturing, and supplying industrial wheels, rollers, castors, and materials handling equipment. We have multiple branches across New Zealand and Australia.

The Richmond Timeline


Frank Winslow expanded his Steel Merchant business by opening a storage and processing facility in Cremorne Street Richmond, VIC.


Frank opened an engineering business called Richmond Engineering to add value to the steel products and produce beams, columns and lintels for the construction industry.


Frank purchased a materials handling equipment manufacturer called Carter Engineering who operated out of a rental factory in Notting Hill Victoria. Carter made pallet jacks, stackers, stillage trucks and of course the wheels and castors needed for the equipment.


Frank purchased a property on Clayton Road in Clayton, Victoria, which was the site of an old cast iron foundry. It was refurbished into a materials handling equipment factory. Much expanded, it is still the headquarters of Richmond today.


Frank retired and his Son Ray Winslow became the CEO. Richmond discontinued manufacturing hydraulic lifting equipment to focus on the rapidly expanding wheel and castor business.


A snapshot of the factory on any day in 1992 would have shown a work shop full of C.N.C machines, power presses, injection moulding machines, fabrication equipment and our first polyurethane processing plant. In fact, much of the gear needed to make our wheels and castors.
Richmond added real depth to the product range by developing relations with suppliers in the U.K., Italy, Taiwan, Thailand and early “toe in the water” experiences in China.


Richmond opened operations in Sydney and Auckland to better service our customers. We have continued this process over the years with our latest stores in Darwin and South Sydney opening in 2016.


The company holds their first inaugural annual Golf Day. A tradition that still continues.


The third generation, Breon and Glen, join Richmond. Currently whilst the core of Richmond remains its engineering experience and expertise, our product range has expanded to over 3000 SKUs being offered through our stores and resellers. We have moved over the years from being a component supplier to the manufacturing industry, to being a supplier of high quality products and solutions directly relevant to the lives of millions of people. Our top ten customers of 20 years ago have all been swept aside by history.


In October Richmond will celebrate 60 years of service. 100% Australian, thriving, still designing and manufacturing some great new products, not just the same as in the past.

“Richmond is at the forefront of engineered materials handling solutions, including heavy duty castors, machined componentry, wheels, general engineering works and direct access to onsite engineers.”

The Australian Pipeliner, official magazine of the Australian Pipelines and Gas Association.

Here at Richmond we are a family owned business, and for over 65 years we have been designing, manufacturing, and supplying industrial wheels, rollers, castors, and materials handling equipment.

If you need something moved, one way or another, we can custom design and manufacture a solution for you – no challenge is too big or small.

In fact, our range is that big, you will probably find what you’re looking for in one of our eight showrooms – located in every mainland state in Australia – and in Auckland, New Zealand.

And we have endless stock – always available when you need it.

Whether your business is big, small, or global – we have something to meet and exceed your requirements.

On a domestic scale, we also have a complete range of materials handling products suited to your home or office, as well as heavy duty industry.

What we pride ourselves on is quality – only the highest quality products leave our manufacturing plant, and we only stock the best.

When you make a purchase from Richmond, it’s a purchase that will last the distance. Robust, functional, and heavy duty are words you will find commonly associated with our products.

We don’t accept second-best, and we never will.

It’s easy for anyone to make the above statements, but what we have at Richmond is the proof behind it. We have the runs on the board.

From our humble beginnings in 1958 as a steel trading business, Richmond moved into manufacturing materials handling products in 1961.

That equates to 65 years of experience in the Australian manufacturing industry, a very rare achievement – Richmond is among the last standing Australian manufacturers.

Richmond has survived many global economic downturns and only grown stronger, thanks to our willingness to innovate.

During the 1980s, the manufacturing of wheels and castors for our materials handling equipment became highly successful, so it became our focus.

Today, Richmond is the major wheel and castor company in Australia with a formidable reputation as a wheel-maker for industry.

The fact we are a unique, family-driven business is also critical to our culture and success.

Since Frank Winslow founded the company in 1958, three generations have been a part of our business. This includes current company chair and Frank’s son, Ray Winslow, and Frank’s grandson, Ray’s son – Breon Winslow-Moore. Breon’s twin brother, Glen, has also recently rejoined the business.

Frank’s uncompromising work ethic has been passed through the generations – one of his son Ray’s first tasks at Richmond was to dismantle the superstructure supporting a furnace chimney at our Clayton headquarters. Ray handled the task with an oxy torch, sledgehammer, axe, and plenty of elbow grease.

Glen has built a wealth of experience in sales over many years, and is passionate about the family business and its future prospects.

Breon currently manages the special projects division, working on many of Richmond’s largest custom projects. While most other companies were outsourcing their manufacturing, Richmond bucked the trend and built our reputation around our quality Australian manufacturing. This allowed Richmond to provide custom solutions, respond to market demands quickly, and meet the specific needs of a wide range of clients.

Today, Richmond are genuine polyurethane engineering experts, and a proven market leader in the design and manufacturing of pipeline rollers for industry.

The facts don’t lie. In 2008, when most companies were reeling from the effects of the global financial crisis, Richmond was manufacturing our largest polyurethane rollers to date – 600mm in diameter and 3,200mm long.

Then, in 2009, we installed a new polyurethane processing machine, capable of dispensing up to 15kg per minute. We then added a new twin pallet machining centre to the plant, which is great for mould making.